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Statute of Limitations

Make your claim months before the Statute of Limitations ends
How do you get competent legal help?

In many areas of the world you have a limited time to make any claim regarding your car accident.   In the United States each state has a different set of laws that govern a Property Damage claim and Injury Claims.

People who have been in car accidents understand that when an accident occurs, there is a period of unrest that increases according to the severity of the accident.  Most people in a first car accident ask the same question:   What next?

Remain organized and document every detail.   Know the current statute of limitation for your area, because a person can lose any monetary settlement award when the claims haven't been filed before the statue of limitations expires.

Simple accidents often don't require outside legal help.  When both parties agree and both parties have insurance in small car accidents, then often it's just a matter of contacting the insurance adjuster to make a car accident claim.  As in all car accidents, the most important part is to document everything.  Even simple accidents can sometimes turn into large problems later on.

Learn Lessons from the Insider Secrets
One of the most recognized authorities in car accident settlements is Dan Baldyga.  Dan is a retired former national claims manager for one of the nations largest insurance companies. He was an expert company-side witness in hundreds of cases who saw how badly consumers were taken advantage of by the insurance and legal systems. He wrote his first self-help book and was promptly fired. Dan Baldyga is a selected Car Accident Settlements expert.

Statute of Limitations is significant to the success of your case.  Dan's expert information is great for the everyday, non-technical reader: How to Evaluate & Settle Your Loss

Otherwise, read what these companies offer as options to create a simple structured settlement for you:

Statute of Limitations: 
Years by State
Property Damage Injury Claims Years by State Property Damage Injury Claims


1 1 Montana 2 3
Alaska 6 2 Nebraska 4 4
Arizona 2 2 Nevada 3 2
Arkansas 3 3 New Hampshire 6 6
California 3 1 New Jersey 6 2
Colorado 6 6 New Mexico 4 3
Connecticut 2 2 New York 3 3
Delaware 2 2 North Carolina 3 3
District of Columbia 3 3 North Dakota 6 6
Florida 3 4 Ohio 2 2
Georgia 4 2 Oklahoma 2 2
Hawaii 2 2 Oregon 6 3
Idaho 3 2 Pennsylvania 6 2
Illinois 5 2 Rhode Island 4 3
Indiana 2 2 South Carolina 6 6
Iowa 5 2 South Dakota 6 3
Kansas 2 2 Tennessee 3 1
Statute of Limitations
Use this table as a guide. Current laws change often. 
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