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Car Accident Advice provides the information to help you get the settlement you deserve. Learn the 5 settlement keys everyone needs to know before talking with an insurance agent or negotiating your structured settlements

Although no one wants to be in a motor vehicle accident, sooner or later almost every driver will be. For that reason offers you the information you need to know, not only after the collision, but before as well.

Did you know some car accident losses are deductible?
See Income Tax Questions for more info.

Car Accident Advice writers and experienced readers will help you drive the rough roads that take you to claim settlement. All of us have have gone through a vehicle accident, so from the moment of the collision to negotiating your structured settlement. we want to help you get the help you need now. In even the most tragic of situations, your difficulty can be lifted just by reaching out. We're sincerely here for you.

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The #1 Auto Accident Commandment:
"Talk Only To Your Attorney"

  • Auto Accident Causes
    How can most accidents be completely prevented...
  • Have a Doctor Report help you at settlement time.
  • Who Pays for today's doctor bills, emergency room, towing service, rental cars, property losses, lost wages.
  • Legal Insurance
  • Can I trust online legal kits?
  • Where do I find accident support groups?
Share Your Story
If you have an experience that would fit in any of the topics below, we invite you to take a few minutes and share your story.

  • Car Repair Stories - Tell your good or bad story about getting your vehicle repaired.
  • Used Car Scams - Did you get taken when buying a used car? Warn others.
  • The Auto Insurance Adjuster - Your experience may help others
  • Angels Without Wings - Do you know an organization or group that freely helps others?
  • Animal Vehicle Accidents - Did you bag a deer or elk accidently with your vehicle?
  • Car Accident Story - Share the story about your motor vehicle accident
  • Anxiety Attacks After Car Accident - The aftermath of a car accident can be devastating.
  • Recent Car Accidents - Have you experienced the kindness of strangers at an accident?
  • Car Accident Victim - How to show support when a friend is a car accident victim.
  • Auto Accident Insurance Settlement - What did you get in your settlement?
  • Auto Accident Lawyers - Tell us your car accident lawyer story.

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    Driving with Distractions in your Car are Four Times More Likely to Cause an Accident - From Cell Phones to Makeup to Reading!

    911 Emergency Cell Phones Save Lives
    All working cell phones in the US Access 911
    Donate Your Used Cell Phones
    Vehicle History Reports

    NHTSA Regions - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has 10 NHTSA regions
    Angel In America:Angel Flight America - Everywhere in America and some even fly from coast-to-coast...
    Auto Accident Advice - Questions after the accident
    Structured Settlements

    Settlements - How to evaluate & settle your loss. Car accident structured settlements are never identical even when they appear similar, so settlements can be nego-tiated. Don't settle for less.
    Structured Settlements - Do you want your money now?
    Structured Settlement Secrets - What the buyers of cash structured settlements won't tell you.
    Know the Statute of Limitations - Don't lose your structured settlement forever
    Car Accident Settlements - Settlements Claim Toolkit and insider secrets


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    "It doesn't matter what you drive,
    It matters what drives you" - Julian Green

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