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The annual economic loss from car accidents based on worker productivity, medical & insurance costs etc is estimated at more than $150 billion.

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Did the State of Missouri reach the target audience?


Seat belt use among all age groups escalated to nearly 68%, about equal to the national average at the time.

What was the real success?
Hundreds of lives were saved yearly and serious injuries were avoided.

"Click It…Or Ticket" kicked off in May of 2003 as the latest national seat belt campaign with a starting advertising budget of $25 million paid for by the US Government. That’s a lot of money to begin an advertising campaign about seat belt use.

Was the purpose to really save lives, build up local treasuries, or just advertise?

The results easily speak for themselves… Seat belt use in the United States rose to almost 80% in 2004(the highest single year increase) up from 58% in 1994. An additional 10% rise in safety seat belt use could save an estimated 8,000 more lives per year and prevent more than 100,000 traffic related accident injuries.

It’s estimated that more than 14,000 lives had been saved with seat belt use in data compiled by the NHTSA for 2002. And of the almost 33,000 passenger vehicle occupants who were killed during the same period 59% weren’t wearing a safety seat belt. (NHTSA).

This isn’t a near 50:50 chance that you’ll be killed with or without a seat belt. Serious injuries far exceed deaths. There are almost 7,000,000 car accidents in the USA alone each year. Almost 3 million people are injured.

The NHTSA estimates
that had all vehicle occupants
over the age of 4 been wearing safety seat belts... » Safety Seat Belts Page 3 of 3

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