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Radar detectors use radar radio waves aimed at a moving vehicle to determine speed.

Laser detectors use high-intensity light pulses to do the same thing.

When Was The first Radar Police Detector developed?
Radar speed devices for police use have existed since the 1950's when the X-band radar was introduced. X-band radar use was considered high-tech in its day, but for today's standards the low 10.5 to 10.55 GHz range had become seriously deficient. 

As technology developed so did the use of the X-band into garage door openers and even cellular phone towers scattered all over the country.

This extended use created interference that developed a high incidence of false readings requiring additional filtering technology.

The next generation radar speed detector needed to evolve.

Is a Ka-Band Detector much different than a K-Band Detector?
Less than 10 years afterwards in 1987 the Ka-band frequency was approved for police detector use. Ka-band technology followed a wider range of frequencies from 33.4 through 36.0 GHz.

The Ka-Band is a higher frequency than the K-Band.

Within this range is the Ka-band at the lowest end, Ka-band with Photo, Wide Ka-band and Super-Wide Ka-band that describes a radar sweep within the entire Ka-band frequency range.

The Super-Wide sweep was developed in response to the more advanced police radar guns known as stalkers that can selectively used within the entire Ka-band frequency range.

The chase of radar detector technology has become a social discussion about rights of free choice and protection from those who break laws and harm others.

What is the advantage with a Laser Detector? 
From radar detectors to police laser detectors advantages include ... »

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