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Diminished Value Claim

Diminished Value Claim
The secret the insurance companies hope you NEVER learn

Diminished value is something that Mike Oliver, the owner of this website, learned about following an auto accident. In fact, it was that accident that was the inspiration for Car Accident Advice; Mike wanted to share what he learned.

Just two days before the statute of limitations expired, Mike decided to hire an attorney to help him get his car accident settlement. He had been going round and round with the insurance company and finally quit trying to do it on his own when they actually lied to him about a promised phone call with a supervisor.

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That was three days before the statute of limitations expired, and Mike realized that the insurance company was deliberately stalling. They knew that if Mike missed filing before the deadline, that he would be forced to sue or risk losing the claim forever. It was to their advantage to play the odds, hoping that he would get so frustrated that he would simply give up once the deadline had passed.

They didn't know Mike!

He had been told that his claim must be presented in the county where the accident had occurred. The very next day, two days before the expiration of the statute of limitations, he drove into the Dallas County Courthouse.

While waiting to present his diminished value claim, he overhead an attorney working with a client about an auto accident. Not being shy, Mike approached the attorney to ask for his assistance.

This was the turning point. The attorney had the staff to get the paperwork completed on time; ensuring that everything was submitted on time.

The one piece of advice from the attorney that Mike disagreed with was when the attorney suggested that it wouldn't be worth Mike's time to bother with a diminished value claim. Afterall, the most Mike could expect to get back might be $500.

Mike then suggested a deal with the attorney: If he (Mike) could prove through documentation that he could claim $6000, the attorney would submit the paperwork and Mike would receive 100% of the diminished value settlement. In return Mike would tell the attorney exactly how he got that $6000 diminished value.

The attorney agreed.

Mike found to his surprise that after talking with seven different attorneys not one of them knew how to obtain a diminished value. Because of that lack of understanding, they felt the effort was a waste of time and worthless.

Mike's own attorney was extremely surprised that he could now obtain accurate diminished value claims on behalf of his clients. These claims not only returned thousands of dollars to his clients, but increased his own income; a definite win-win.

You too can learn these secrets that the insurance companies don't want you to know. This is a totally unbiased report, as we are NOT associated or affiliated with any auto appraisal company or diminished value appraiser. Here you will receive the complete lowdown on what you can expect for the entire diminished value claim process.

If you have been in an auto accident, you need this e-report. In fact, the low cost of this e-report could be an investment that brings you a return in the thousands! With that possibility can you really afford NOT to get "Diminished Value - The Secret the Insurance Companies Hope You NEVER Learn"? I don't think so.

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