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Cell Phone Car Accidents

"4X more likely to cause an accident"

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In order to reduce the number of car accidents caused by cell phone use, many different cities and states have introduced cell phone regulations. 

Cell phone accidents certainly aren’t the largest cause of accidents, but cell phone car accidents are a major issue today.  

For example, far more people get into car accidents as a result of distraction caused by the radio or passengers. Also, the problem caused by cell phone use while driving is relatively minor compared to drunk driving and other similar accident causing issues. 

4 X More Likely To Cause a Car Accident

A Canadian study about cell phone car accidents showed that people were four times more likely to get into a car accident when they were talking on their cell phone than when they were not. 

There is still some argument that these same people would have been four times more likely to get into car accidents by listening to the radio or talking to somebody else who was in the vehicle as well.  

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In general, cell phone regulations work to curb cell phone use in cars by introducing a fine for talking on your cell phone while you’re driving. Depending on the area where you live, this fine varies. Since the fine can be anywhere up to $450 in some areas, it might seem excessive, but these fines are proving to effective. 

While fines to reduce cell phone car accidents are being implemented in many communities, they are still controversial.

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