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Car Accident Causes

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Car Accident Causes

Most causes of motor vehicle accidents are avoidable

26% of All Drivers Cause A Car Accident In 5 Years!

In the last 5 years it is estimated that more than 26% of all drivers have been involved in a car accident. The very sad part of this car accident statistic is that the most common of all causes is completely preventable!

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Driving Drunk Causes More Than 32% of Fatal Crashes

A huge number of car accidents every year are caused by driving drunk. More than 32% of all fatal crashes involved drunk driving where the driver registers only .08% blood alcohol level. In many U.S. states that is the minimum blood alcohol percentage for a driver to be arrested for drunk driving. For the addicted alcoholic driver that percentage might be a target to not reach, but a person who fails a sobriety test and passes the breathalizer test can still be arrested.

Driving statistics count auto accidents from the smallest to the greatest of all car accident causes.  However, there is no such thing as Driving While a Little Drunk.

As a result, major pushes have been made to reduce the number of drunk drivers who are on the road. However, even though greater arrests, harsher prosecutions, and intense public awareness campaigns have certainly saved lives, the

Organizations such as MADD work to reduce drunk driving, and there are also many public information ads that target it as well. These are major steps that are being taken to reduce one of the largest car accident causes.

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Distracted Driver Talking Influences 81% of Auto Crashes

Regardless of whether or not the driver was drunk, car accident statistics show that many car accidents are up to 81% of auto crashes are caused by the driver talking with other passengers in the car.  Distracted driving because of conversations is also completely preventable.

Auto accident statistics show that other significant causes of car accidents are listening to or changing the radio stations (involved in 66% of all accidents) and talking on cell phones (25%).

Distractions Cause More Accidents Of All Types

What is seen from these car accident causes is that while being drunk is a major cause of car accidents, the most common cause of car accidents is any type of distraction. Simple distractions can be causes of car accidents that create serious life-altering injuries such as those that result in head injury claims.

Therefore the most important thing to do while you're driving is to make sure that you limit any distractions. This way, you'll keep yourself, your loved ones and the other drivers on the road safe without becoming one of many causes of car accidents.

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