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Aftermarket Auto Repair Insurance

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Aftermarket Auto Repair Insurance

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After-market auto repair insurance is also known as an add-on vehicle warranty that covers certain repairs when the manufacture warranty has expired. At first, that sounds ideal when you drive an older vehicle that’s in good condition. However, like any expensive product you are offered to purchase over the phone, take a breath first and think it through. In this case, it could save you $$$ thousands!

Minutes ago I finished speaking with a USfidelis salesman by phone. I called him from an ad I saw on television.

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Aftermarket Auto Repair Insurance

The aftermarket auto repair insurance ad said I wouldn’t have to worry about major auto expenses that could arise, because USfidelis would pick up the tab. There is a $50 deductible per incident, which isn’t bad, but read on.

The initial aftermarket auto repair insurance saleswoman took basic information about my car and said I qualified for the program. I don’t look at these qualifications as badges of honor anymore, so it didn’t mean anything to me, except that USfidelis was ready to take my money.


She did call this product auto repair insurance, so at first I felt my entire car would be covered. That sounded great. I could get the tear in the leather seat back properly fixed, and a little rocking on the driver side back rest that’s bothered me would be top on the list. It would be nice to get some worn areas in the paint reworked and even take care of a faulty step light.

Most of these are just small items I simply haven’t gotten around to fixing, but what I didn’t know was just how specific is this auto repair insurance.


For that aftermarket auto repair insurance information I would be passed to an insurance warranty expert, but before I went on, she needed to warn me of something.

Just this past week my vehicle rolled over 100,000 miles. The price I would be getting in the next call was good for that phone call only! I would possibly need to pay for a vehicle inspector should I choose to purchase later.

That is a fire sale: Buy now or suffer when you buy later!

That is also a red flag. Although a fire sale is a legitimate marketing technique, it’s most likely the time to say no to the offer. Any company with high quality products and services that command my attention, will still have my attention after I hang up the phone and feel good about my research.


Research comes next.

One of the easiest ways to research almost anything is with the internet, but the internet isn’t necessarily reliable for reviews and unbiased reporting.

Here’s one reason why:

Any good organization that makes quality products will have a product breakdown or a gorilla in the customer service department from time-to-time. Companies simply don’t make perfect products or create perfect assembly systems, or get perfect people with perfect lives, even though as customers we often expect just that.

The disgruntled customer has many websites to write all those justified feelings of poor service with even worse product performance. And customers with negative experiences will seek out and write publicly about those experiences far more often than those with good experiences. Years ago I saw a statistic that said national companies received 25,000 times the negative reports to 1 good report.

So how do you do a quick aftermarket auto repair insurance research search and feel you’re making an accurate judgment?

Try this:

Open a search box
Type in: USfidelis Scam
Press enter

Now examine the listings.

One is a report from NBC, but the first response to that is an USfidelis company representative fighting back. Read more and you’ll see others who say that guy is filled with hot air.

Look at some of the other websites that list aftermarket auto repair insurance scam info and you’ll see many other people complaining about no payouts, no available customer service, no response to requests for claims, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…..

I didn’t see one positive item that I trusted.

You can also type in "USfidelis Review". It doesn’t get better, but at that point it should.


For those of you who have followed from the beginning, you’ll recognize that I still have my 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Diesel. That’s the car that started this all, but it’s getting up in years and with new lesser-gas driving options, such as hybrids, fuel cells, and electric vehicles coming out, it’s time to trade it in.

When I was passed to the second salesman at USfidelis, there was some important information missing from his listing of my car. I have a TDI Diesel. That engine is very different than a gas engine, so the insured parts in their warranty would contain a different list.

Sure enough, when I asked the Aftermarket Auto Repair Insurance salesman about this, he had to hunt for another list that included the words Timing Chain. Although some cars use a timing chain and the industry is going back to them, timing BELTS have been more popular since a huge increase in use during the 1980’s.

My timing belt isn’t covered and that’s the #1 expensive item that needs replacement every 40,000 miles in my car.

So what was covered? The salesman started listing the specifics which would have been included in my packet AFTER I purchased.


The salesman wanted to sign me up for a 5 year contract good until 2014.

Cost is $495.00/year and it’s all due now or paid over 12 monthly payments.


  1. Fire sale? Yes
  2. Clearly stated what is covered? No
  3. Online research positive? No
  4. Reasonable cost for my car? No
  5. Recommend? No

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