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Young Driver, Bad Weather

by Michelle
(Lancaster Pa USA)

I was 19 years old and had just moved away from home. I had taken a third shift job at a temp agency about an hour away from where I lived. I left the home I shared with my fiance at 10pm to head to work.

I was not wearing a seatbelt..it was 1988 and I was young. It was raining heavily. About 10 miles from my home there was a very sharp curve that had recent construction. Due to the construction, there was a "bump" in the road. The road was very wet.

I hit the bump and my car started to slide. In a panic I tried to step on the brake. My foot slid (it was wet) from the brake to the gas pedal. My car spun around in circles several times while traveling through a wooden fence.

I missed hitting a telephone pole by a mere 20 inches. A huge post from the fence crashed through the back side door window, and a wood sliver pierced a tire. The car came to rest 500 feet from the road in a field.

The state trooper said I was lucky to be alive. Had I hit the telephone pole at the speed the car had gotten to I would not be here to tell this story.

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