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You Turn Ladyy.

by Skye
(Vancouver, Washington)

So I was just driving along the road when The car in front of me is like stopped then I hear and see it collide into the car in front of them. I slammed on my breaks but their was nothing I could do I rammed into the car in front of me I was only going about 30-35 mph. It was enough to total my car. Later I find out this lady had flipped an illegal you turn in the middle of the road causing the wreck no one was hurt and my car was the only one with serious damage. But I'm just thank-ful to be alive. It was around one o clock on A Friday no bad weather conditions. I remember slamming into the back of the Ford Explorer and I screamed right before impact. My friend yelled at me to get out of the car in case of explosion. We were both wearing seat belts and mine left a nasty bruise scrape type thing.

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