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Wrecker Services

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Surprise! You need cash at your car accident scene.

Auto Insurance may pay for towing later, but a wrecker service driver accepts cash only at the car wreck scene. If you don't have enough cash or can't get it quickly from an ATM, then your car will go to the city tow storage where charges quickly add up.

Your Towing Service Choice may not be an Option.
  "The police officer would allow me to get my choice of wrecker at my car accident as long as it arrived within 30 minutes. That was impossible, so the officer called the city's contracted towing service. Now I would be crossing the county line and the cost of this towing service went from $75 to $150 plus more for mileage and time."

Ask the Car Repair Shop to pay the wrecker driver. Car Repair Shops can charge it on the repair bill that will be paid by the insurance company. Ask the wrecker driver for his approval. He may need to speak with the car repair shop.

Don't know where you're car will be repaired? At the car accident scene you may not always know where to take your car, so it gets towed to storage. Insurance companies will permit a second wrecker drive to a body shop. You only have a day or two to get this handled. Some states permit up to 3 days maximum. The insurance company may dispute extended storage charges.

Timetable Tip - My 30 day mistake

I mistakenly believed my Roadside Wrecker Service was on the same timetable as my car insurance. Some of the largest Roadside Services require that you send them invoices within 30 days after service or you lose reimbursement.

Wrecker Services - Seven Points You Want To Know


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