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Wrecker Service

"Part I - Seven Points To Get Your Car Back Whole"

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1. A wrecker service is included in most car insurance policies, but you pay for it and it's often not enough coverage.   Check your policy.   A $40 limit may be common in communities where $75 wrecker service exists. Keep the tow receipt for reimbursement separate. You may need to apply for payment within 30 days or lose the money. Timing depends if you are claiming on your auto club or your car insurance.

2. Remove valuables you can carry before the wrecker service arrives. Most services are honest, but a dishonest driver can easily steal from the car and the theft can be difficult to prove.

3. Have a camera at the scene.
Take pictures of the car inside, too, especially the radio and other valuable equipment that could be removed. Take pictures of the car as it's going on the wrecker truck.

4. Read what the wrecker driver writes on the receipt. He will list areas of obvious damage on your car. If he misses something, tell him. Once the driver drops off your car, you probably won't see him again.

5. Write down the type of tow truck used: Flat bed, winch, other.

6. Ask your insurance company to send out an adjuster, if you believe your car is totaled and it was delivered to storage. The insurance company will want to do this quickly to avoid more storage fees, but you should be driving a rental car while this is done.

7. Wrecker Service Tow trucks can cause damage that results in disputes later. It's easier to prove with pictures taken at the car scene before the car is put on the tow truck.

"My car had severe front end damage from the car accident. The body shop refused to repair a deep gash in the back left quarter panel caused by the wrecker driver when my car was lifted onto the tow truck."


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