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Witnessed my husbands accident...

Me and my husband were arguing. He got in his car and left angry, I followed behind. He was so upset he didn't care how he was driving, he was being reckless. The car was a 1990 CRX, which is a very small car. One of the rims was already bent, causing the car to woble....not to mention he had a racing steering wheel. He lost control of his car, right in front of my eyes. He ran into a cement bridge, and his car pretty much used it as a ramp and the car flew way up in the car and flipped, landing on its top. He was driving about 60, and.....not wearing his seatbelt. He was ejected from the car. I ran up to him. Dialed 911. He had blood pouring from his cutt open arm. He was awake. He was in so much pain he was grunting, and rolling around. I was in so much shock, and still have Post Traumatic Stress. The accident was Nov 2010. The accident scene was horrific. My husband did survive. He shattered his pelvis, required 14 staples in his arm. 2 surgeries....one for arm, one for pelvis. He was in the hospital/rehab for 2.5 weeks and a wheelchair for 2 months. He also broke the power part of his back, a rib, and many other bones. Other than some nasty scars, he's okay today and I thank God for leading him. The car crushed like s beer can, and the motor was pushed into the car. The gas tank was in the middle of the road. I'm sorry I cannot upload a picture, I'm on my phone. My husband had learned a lot.....so have I.

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