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Winter Car Accidents

Winter car accidents are just one reason to have an emergency car kit

In many parts of the country, car accidents in winter are an unfortunate part of life. They are caused by a combination of bad weather and bad choices.


Snow, of course, is a chief culprit in winter motor vehicle accidents. It is difficult to control a car on a snowy road. Your vehicle may skid and strike another car or structure. You may also get stuck in snow, which makes you vulnerable to being hit by another car that is out of control.

Ice is an even more dangerous cause of car accidents in winter. If it is difficult to control a car on snow, it is practically impossible to control one on ice. One especially dangerous kind of ice is black ice. This is a thin layer of ice that forms on the road. It is almost invisible, so drivers may not even realize they are driving on ice until they tap the brakes and send their car into a dangerous skid.

Lack of visibility is another cause of winter car accidents. Snow and ice storms can prevent you from seeing dangers in the road until it is too late. Even without bad weather, days are shorter and darkness falls earlier during the winter months.

Human Error

All too often, winter car accidents occur after people ignore travel advisories warning them to stay off the road. Not all travel can be avoided, of course, but if forecasters are advising people to stay home and not drive, then it’s smart to do just that whenever possible. Even most workplaces are fairly understanding about weather-related absences.

If you do drive in bad weather, you can avoid some car accidents by making sure you have maximum visibility. This means cleaning the snow or ice off every window of your car, not just one tiny area on the windshield.

Another way to reduce your chances of being involved in winter car wrecks is to put snow tires on your car.

When you have to drive in snow or ice, lower your speed and paying extra careful attention to what the cars around you are doing. Try to leave plenty of space between you and other vehicles in case you or another driver loses control of the car.

Snow and ice create dangerous driving conditions. The best way to avoid winter car accidents is not to drive in bad weather at all. But if you must drive, be sure your car is properly winterized, your visibility is good, and your speed is slow enough to minimize any damage that may occur if your car does enter a skid.

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