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Making A Will - Your Last Love Letter 

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Making a will isn't the most important topic for discussion, but the truth is, you and everyone you know will need one.  Yet....almost 80% of the population doesn't make a Will. Writing a will isn't difficult and updates can become automatic over the years to come.  The benefits to those left behind could me immeasurable.   

When my wealthy father died, he left a will he wrote and updated a few years before his sudden passing.  My three brothers and I surprised the lawyers involved when we told them, we wanted the legal disbursements managed as quickly as possible and with as little cost as possible.  We were all in agreement with whatever my father desired.

The lawyers found my family's camaraderie unusual and refreshing.  Most families argue when simple items are left out of wills.  

Imagine how a missing Will can be the root of family breakups.

Would you trust the most important decisions of your life to others -- especially decisions that affect the welfare of your children? The answer is: of course not! However, unless you have a will, that is precisely what will happen. Under state law, the state will determine who, if anyone, is entitled to your estate upon your death.

A will is a legal instrument that specifies who are to be the beneficiaries of your estate, and when they are to receive their inheritance. The act of dying without a will is called "dying intestate". People who are not named as beneficiaries may challenge the wishes of the decedent. By properly making a will, you can reduce this risk.

Would you give your children away like property?

What you leave after your passing is called your estate.  When young children are involved after the death of parents or a single parent with custody, the state takes custody in most states.  Even when grandma and grandpa would like to care for the children and are financially able to do so, the children are placed in the foster care system more than 70% of the time.

Your Will is the last love letter you write to those you care most about who are left behind.  Making a Will is worth the peace of mind you leave behind and the freedom you feel before you leave knowing you managed your responsibilities properly.

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The complete who, what, when, how and why of wills by the Washington State Bar Association

DIY last will and testament with free law summaries and previews at US Legal Forms

Make Your Last Will & Testament Online Now...Follow Easy Steps!

There are rules and regulations that limit to whom you may leave your estate; for example, there are rules that prohibit you from leaving your estate to future generations of unborn children. Also, public policy considerations prohibit you from leaving gifts that would be viewed as waste, such as the maintenance of your pet's grave. Under federal law, people with the largest estates are required to pay tax at a rate of 55 percent.

It is always a good idea to keep a copy of your will in a place that is easily accessible to others. In addition, it is wise to give copies of your will to one or two other people whom you trust. From time to time, your wishes may change as to how you would like your inheritance to be structured, and who you would like your beneficiaries to be. Amendments to a will are called "codicils". As long as you are of sound mind, your will can be amended at any time. 

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Don't leave the decision up to others of how your estate is to be divided. Instead, prepare a will.

"After my car accident I was grateful to be alive. I wanted most to take care of the people I loved in case next time, I wasn't as fortunate."

Write the Last Love Letter you will ever send.....Write your Will!

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