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We Never Saw It Coming

by Anonymous

It was 1968 and I was 6 years old. My father had just bought my mother her first new car, a 1968, white Ford Mustang. I remember my mother cried when she saw it.

My parents were never wealthy and my father worked very hard to get everything they had. They had bought the car a month earlier and my mother drove it very little because she didn't want it to wear out. Can you believe that?

Anyway, we had been to visit my father's cousin and on the way home a man ran a red light. My mother was turning left and he came from nowhere.

This was before the mandatory seat belt laws. I was in the backseat and it knocked me out. The roads were slightly wet because it was misting and right at sunset.

The station wagon the man was driving hit my mother's door and she was trapped inside. I remember her screaming for my father. He was thrown across the street but was OK. He waiting while the firemen took the door off the car to get her out.

A man held me while my parents were talking to the police. The man that hit us kept laughing. I remember that like it was yesterday. He kept laughing.

He was drunk and said he and his family, who were all in the car with him, were on their way home from a church function. His station wagon was full of beer. His wife kept crying and apologizing. I remember feeling so sorry for her.

The worst part of all was my parents didn't even get enough to pay off the car note. My mother never had a new car again. It took my dad two more years to finish paying off that car.

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