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by Chris Gunby
(South Australia)

When I was seventeen, My Best Friend Sophia and myself decided to ditch school and go look at some new cars.

We parked my current car, a 1992 Mitsubishi Magna, down a side street off the main road where the car dealership was located.

It was 9am on a weekday morning, so traffic was packed. My friend and I were waiting to cross the two lane road to the medium strip when a car in the first lane stopped and waved us across.

Now, let me give you a bit of information. The road that is involved, is a one lane road but splits into two lanes when nearing the end. Because the car had stopped for us to cross, the traffic had built up behind it, where it was only one lane, so naturally the second lane looked clear.

After the woman in the car waved my friend and I across, I ran across the road...

Everything happened very fast. I heard my friend scream my name, a car toot It's horn, and then I was hit.

I remember looking down, and seeing White. My head then hitting something and I was on the ground.

All went black.

When I awoke, there were emergency vehicles everywhere, and my Best friend was standing next to me crying with a look of absolute terror on her face.

I learnt that I was hit by a White 2000 Hyundai Excel at 70km/h, or 44Mph. My head had penetrated and smashed the front window, and I was thrown 4 metres in front of the car where I hit the ground.

I didn't understand how I was alive. But with the immense pain I was in, I doubted I would be for much longer.

The paramedics had put a neck brace on me and placed me on a spinal board, as well as providing oxygen and attaching a heart monitor.

I was classified as a Code 1 Emergency by paramedics and rushed off to The emergency department. I was taken into Resus, Which is one of four critical rooms in an emergency department.

I Had MRI, CT and general Xrays taken, and ended up in hospital for over 3 weeks.

My injuries were severe.
I fractured 6 Vertebrae in my spine, My skull was also fractured. I had to have seven metal pins screwed into my leg, and I broke 3 ribs.

This had to be one of the scariest days of my life.
Doctors think, the only reason why I survived such a high speed crash, was due to the fact I didn't see the car coming so my body didn't tense.

It had just been over a year, and my body has nearly completely healed.

This is my story.

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