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Vehicle history checks can be one of the most important tools when it comes to buying a motor vehicle. Without the extensive information provided by AutoCheck reports a person could end up with a lemon in their garage instead of a yellow VW.
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Compiled from data supplied from by various reporting agencies across the nation, a vehicle history report can save you both headaches and money. From billions of public and private records, AutoCheck will provide an extensive report that will give you an in-depth look at the vehicle's history.

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History reports can be a valuable tool in purchasing a new used vehicle. Don't just rely on a vehicle inspection or test-drive to tell you what you need to know about a vehicle.

For instance, while the car I was looking to purchase drove like a dream and passed a visual inspection I was concerned by the high mileage. I mentioned this to the salesman and was able to use it to get the price a little lower. However, when he provided a history report for the car, I was able to understand why the car had twice the mileage as it should have; it was a rental car.

While a rental car might have put off another buyer, the vehicle history check provided peace of mind. The historical events portion of the report showed that regular maintenance had been performed on the car, including oil changes every month.

Another benefit provided by AutoCheck vehicle history reports is the AutoCheck Buyback Protection. If a covered title defect shows up after the car is purchased, AutoCheck will buy back your vehicle's purchase price. Of course, this only applies if an AutoCheck report was issued before the purchase of the vehicle and if the report showed no branded titles, but a branded title does actually exist.

When it's time to purchase a used car you can definitely get some peace of mind and feel that you're in more control of the entire process.
It takes a little knowledge about what your buying and the AutoCheck vehicle history .

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