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Vehicle Accident History

Buying a car without a Vehicle Accident History can be costly.

When purchasing a used vehicle, one important thing you should do is check the vehicle accident history. This simple step can prevent many future problems, so make sure you take the time to complete this easy and helpful task.

Rebuilt Salvage

Many people do not understand that when the cost to repair a vehicle is significant, states can issue a salvage title, allowing the vehicle to be sold. If the salvaged vehicle is then rebuilt and inspected, the title could then read “Rebuilt Salvage”. If the salvaged and rebuilt vehicle is registered in another state, differences in title brand definitions could result in the title becoming “clean.”

Purchasing a vehicle accident history report from AutoCheck by Experian can alert you to these “clean” but salvaged vehicles because the AutoCheck salvage report will contain the information that will probably not show up on your paper title. This can prevent you from purchasing a vehicle with severe damage.


Consumers often worry that a vehicle they want to purchase could be a lemon, a commonly misused term. If a certain vehicle component has failed several times while still under warranty, and the car does not operate or is not safe to drive, most states will brand this car a lemon. One thing to keep in mind is that lemon laws vary from state to state and some states do not have lemon laws. AutoCheck by Experian offers peace of mind by clearly labeling any title record that indicate the vehicle has been branded a “lemon” by the state's lemon laws. Don't buy a used car without AutoChecking it first.

Flood Damaged

Another concern when looking at used vehicles is water damage. Floods and hurricanes may not be local concerns, but flood-damaged vehicles are commonly moved thousands of miles to be resold. For that reason, you may not think to inspect a vehicle for water damage, which could be present even if the car is for sale in the desert. When the vehicle is moved state to state, the title may not reflect the previous water damage, leaving the consumer in the dark. Be sure that a mechanic inspects any vehicle you plan to purchase for signs of water damage, and then using AutoCheck by Experian can alert you to these problems.

Checking the vehicle accident history of any vehicle you are thinking about buying is easy and fast. Remember to use AutoCheck by Experian for the most thorough report. Protect yourself from hidden problems. Check the vehicle's history before you buy with an official AutoCheck® vehicle history report.

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