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The ability to run unlimited AutoCheck reports can be a great help to any person considering purchasing a new vehicle. While some people go car shopping and drive home the same day, other people want to take their time and really shop around for the best deal.
The first shopper will find that purchasing a single AutoCheck vehicle history report may be all that's required. However for the second car buyer the ability to run multiple AutoCheck reports will be the only option.

Unlimited AutoCheck reports allow the consumer to run an unlimited number of motor vehicle reports. Of course there is a time-limit of 60 days for the unlimited reports, but there is absolutely no limit to the number of reports that can be ordered in that 60-day period.

The AutoCheck vehicle history reports will provide an incredible amount of information, gleaned from billions of records across the US and Canada. These records are from government agencies and private companies that report specific information about vehicles with which they have had contact.

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Not only is a title check part of the unlimited AutoCheck reports, but a problem check will also be performed. Thus a report will reveal any problem titles that have been reported as issued, such as; salvaged, rebuilt, or fire damage title. It will also show lemon titles, frame damage or water damage that has been reported.

Additionally the odometer check portion of the vehicle history report will reveal any odometer anomalies that have been reports. These may include an odometer that's been rolled back, is broken, has mileage that exceeds the limits of the odometer or has suspect miles.

The unlimited AutoCheck reports will also check for vehicle use and event records. If the vehicle has been reported after a motor vehicle accident it will show up in this area of the report. If the vehicle has been reported as stolen it will also be revealed. Additionally, if they vehicle was used as a taxi, a rental car, or was a police car that too will be reported.

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