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Top Causes Of Car Accidents

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Top Causes Of Car Accidents

Car accidents are all too often absolutely avoidable

We know from Top Causes of Car Accidents that the #1 cause of car accidents is driver distractions. But exactly what are those driver distractions that all too often contribute to car accidents?

Top 10 Driver Distractions

  1. Cell phones (including texting)
  2. Applying make-up or shaving
  3. Laptops
  4. Reaching for something in the car
  5. Billboards & roadside signs
  6. Rubbernecking at accidents
  7. Disciplining children
  8. Adjusting the radio
  9. Talk with passengers
  10. Reading a book

The thing that all these distractions and top causes of car accidents have in common is that one of the three major components of the driver’s concentration is compromised. Those major components are: Eyes, hands and attention.

If any one of those components is removed from participating in the main activity of driving the vehicle, an accident is much more likely to occur. Taking one’s eyes off the road for even a moment to change the radio station or to look in the rearview mirror to check on the kids is all that’s needed to make one vulnerable to missing an accident trigger.

Removing one or both hands from the primary task of controlling the steering wheel is a reckless move, putting oneself and other motorists in extreme danger. Cars were never designed to be steered by the pressure of a knee, thigh or elbow.

Even keeping both hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road is no guarantee that the attention of the driver is on the task at hand. There is much proof that the hands-free cell phone devices that allow the driver to talk on the phone without having to hold a phone also contribute to accidents. That is because the driver’s attention is not totally on the task of driving when trying to carry on a conversation via Bluetooth.

No matter what the details might be, the most common causes of car accidents are those things that take the driver’s eyes, hands and attention off the task of driving. Driving a vehicle should never be considered a multi-tasking opportunity.

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