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    If you do an online search for top 10 auto insurance companies, and you will quickly realize that most sites do not tell you the names of the top companies. Instead, you will get a lot of information on how to find the top auto insurance company by doing your own research comparing quotes, consumer complaints, company size, financial strength, types of coverage and discounts. You quickly realize that while the research is helpful, it is really up to you to determine which auto insurance company is right for you.

    Auto Insurance Rates

    Just because an auto insurance company is one of the top 10 auto insurance companies and claims to offer the lowest premiums, when you go to get a quote, you may find that the quote you are getting is actually much higher than with an auto insurance company that doesn’t advertise the lowest prices. For instance, I used to be insured by Geico because I could get the lowest rate. However, what I discovered is that after about a year, the rate would be raised, and then I’d switch and take my insurance business to State Farm that would offer me a lower rate.

    Auto Home Insurance Bundles

    This went on for years, even though I have a perfect, accident-free driving record. State Farm would raise my rates, and I’d go to Geico, which would give me a lower rate. Then when I bought a home, I wanted an insurance company that would insure both my home and give me a better rate for my car. Therefore, for the first year I stayed with State Farm because they had both auto and homeowners insurance, something that Geico didn’t have at that time.

    Separate is Cheaper Sometimes

    At the end of the first year of being a homeowner, State Farm did what they always did and raised my auto insurance rates again. I started out looking for lower insurance rates, figuring it would be cheaper to have different insurance providers for my car and home. After some research, and a recommendation from a friend, I decided on Amica Insurance, which is supposed to be one of the top 10 auto insurance companies. I was told my monthly rate would be under $100, which was vital at that time, and that the first month would be free.

    Watch Out for the Lie

    I signed up with Amica Insurance, and sure enough, the first month was free. However, when I got the statement for the next month, I saw that the monthly rate was going to be well over $100 per month. When I called, I was told that the agent who quoted the rate to me was wrong. I was also told that Amica had changed the way they were doing things. When I complained that that’s not what I signed up for, I was told there wasn’t anything I could do about it. That was NOT the thing to tell me!

    Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies Not Always Cheaper

    Because time was short, I went ahead and paid that month’s premium. Then I began searching for insurance. I checked all the top 10 insurance companies; E-surance, State Farm, Geico, Progressive, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, AARP, Electric Insurance, Farmers and 21st Century. I also got quotes from Electric Insurance, and some local insurance companies. In every case, the premium was over $100.

    Not All Reviews are Negative

    Finally, I called Allstate. I had heard all kinds of rumors about how Allstate doesn’t pay claims and was very reluctant to ask for a quote. However, when the monthly premium came back at under $100, I was willing to look into the company a little more. I found that not all of the reports about Allstate were negative; in fact, some were very positive. I also found out that they had no restrictions about insuring a manufactured home if a woodstove was installed. Nearly 7 out of 10 people who switched to Allstate saved. Quote Now!

    Easy to Switch

    Since I wanted to install a woodstove as insurance against a power outage due to a winter storm, and State Farm, my current insurer, refused to insure in that instance, I decided to switch insurance providers. Before the next month’s premium was due with Amica, I had signed up with Allstate. I also contacted State Farm, informing them that when my homeowner’s insurance was up for renewal the next month that I would be switching.

    Better Coverage at a Lower Rate

    While I haven’t had a claim, I’ve been very happy with my insurance coverage. I have a local agent, who really did everything to give me every break to get my auto insurance premium as low as possible. I also have better coverage for my home than I had with State Farm, and now I have a woodstove. And what am I paying? Right now…$73 a month. That's much better than any quotes I received from the other top 10 auto insurance companies. People who switched to Allstate saved an average of $396 per year. Quote Now!

    Shop Around

    The upshot is that being one of the top 10 insurance companies doesn’t mean that you will always get the best insurance. Do your due diligence. Shop around, and know what you will and will not accept. Also, watch out for those insurance companies that quote you one thing and then increase your premium.

    We hope you enjoyed learing about the Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies.

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