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Structure Settlements

Settlements - How to evaluate & settle your loss. Car accident structured settlements are never identical even when they appear similar, so settlements can be negotiated. Don't settle for less.

Structured Settlements - Do you want your money now?

Structured Settlement Secrets - What the buyers of cash structured settlements won't tell you.

Know the Statute of Limitations - Don't lose your structured settlement forever

Car Accident Settlements - Settlements Claim Toolkit and insider secrets
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Accident Stories
Car Accident Story - Hurried drive to church and memories return in slow motion...

Submit Your Accident & Photos - Tell others your story.

Car Accident Advice

ebookcoverIf you drive, you need the

"Car Accident Settlement Workbook"

Learn how to get the accident settlement you deserve
Car Accident Advice provides the information to help you get the settlement you deserve. Learn the 5 settlement keys everyone needs to know before talking with an insurance agent or negotiating your structured settlements
Although no one wants to be in a motor vehicle accident, sooner or later almost every driver will be. For that reason Car-Accident-Advice.com offers you the information you need to know, not only after the collision, but before as well.

Because we've at Car Accident Advice been there done that, and are not attorneys, we will help you navigate the rough waters of claim settlement, from the moment of the collision to negotiating your structured settlement.

The #1 Auto Accident Commandment:
"Talk Only To Your Attorney"

  • Auto Accident Causes
    How can most accidents be completely prevented...
  • Have a Doctor Report help you at settlement time.
  • Who Pays for today's doctor bills, emergency room, towing service, rental cars, property losses, lost wages.
  • Legal Insurance
  • Can I trust online legal kits?
  • Where do I find accident support groups?
After the Accident

Insurance company, car rental company, auto body repair shop, police department and auto storage, negotiating an accident settlement.

PTSD - Auto Accident Driving Anxiety is real and it can affect the entire family.

Car Accident Reports - Often contain common errors, check your report now to save yourself from inflated insurance rates later.

Car Accident Personal Injuries - Motor vehicle accident personal injuries

Auto Accidents Claims - Auto accidents claims adjusters are not your friends - Say Little and Sign Less

Medical Bills - Who pays your medical bills? Download a Health Care Release.

Personal Injuries:Low Speed Injury Facts - Soft tissue personal injuries increased an astonishing 21%...

Auto Accident Causes - How can most accidents be completely prevented...

Car Accident Information History - A little money now can save you thousands when buying a vehicle that looks perfect after a little body work.

NHTSA Regions - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has 10 NHTSA regions

Angel In America:Angel Flight America - Everywhere in America and some even fly from coast-to-coast...

Car Wrecks Waiting To Happen - It doesn't take much to implicate yourself in car wrecks that really aren't your fault.

Auto Recalls - Selected Safety auto recalls. Is your car listed?

Safety Seat Belts - Safety seat belts don't make sense to almost 40,000,000 Americans

Cars Information & Safety - Specially Selected Sites of Cars Information & Safety

Gas Prices - Favorite Gas and Petrol Price locator sites and software

Car Accident Advice - All questions before and after the accident

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ebookcoverBe prepared. Statistics show that the more you drive the greater are your chances of being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Don't wait until it happens to order this valuable workbook.

"Car Accident Settlement Workbook"

This should be just as vital to have as auto insurance!
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More rebuilt damaged vehicles are expected on the market than anytime in history. Hurricane flood damaged and fire rebuilts are showing up as cars with no damage. Don't buy a car without a CARFAX vehicle history report. Know what you're about to purchase before talking with the salesman.

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Distractions are Four Times More Likely to Cause a Car Accident

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All working cell phones in the US Access 911

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