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    Parents can help their teens be better drivers

    Teenage driving heralds the transition from child to young adult. The ability of a teenager to drive translates into independence from their parents. Unfortunately teenage drivers have the highest death rate for all drivers. Teen drivers also are involved in more accidents than drivers 20 years of age or older.

    There are many reasons teen driving present so many hazards for young people. Inexperience is the leading cause for accidents. Teenagers also have the lowest seat belt use of all drivers. Young drivers who have passengers increase their potential for being involved in an accident. Each additional passenger increases the risk for teenage drivers.

    The newly designed graduated learning permit has helped lessen the potential for accidents. Graduated learning permits require teen drivers to spend more time driving with licensed drivers. During this time they learn how to navigate the obstacles of the road as well as learn proper habits.

    Parents who promote good driving habits have teenagers who also practice these principles once they begin driving. Seat belt use, required by most states, is a simple way to save lives. Parents who always require their use will have young drivers who also require all passengers to use them.

    Most states require all school-aged drivers to take a driver education class. During these classes teens learn the rules and regulations for driving, the consequences for violating these rules and safe driving techniques. Driver education classes are only a part of a youth 's driving education. How a parent drives influences how they will drive.

    Teenagers who have high academic grades are statistically less likely to be involved in car accidents. Parents who encourage and reward good academic progress have safer teen drivers. Most insurance companies reward these teenagers with reduced insurance rates.

    Almost half of all teenage car accidents occur when alcohol or drugs are involved. The second highest cause of young drivers involved in accidents is speed. The third is the distraction from other teenage passengers.

    Parents who talk to their children about the dangers of drug and alcohol use, set strict rules regarding how many passengers their teens may have with them and prohibit the use of cell phone use during driving have lower incidents of teen motor vehicle accidents involving their teenage driver.

    Some Important Teen Driving Stats

    • During the first year of driving more teens are involved in car crashes.
    • The number of teen passengers increases the chances of a teen being involved in an accident. These statistics increase with additional passengers.
    • One in ten teens admits to drinking and driving.
    • Three of four teens killed in drinking related crashes was not wearing a seat belt.
    • Fifty percent of all teen deaths occurred Friday, Saturday or Sunday between 3 p.m. and midnight.
    • Almost forty percent of fatal car crashes involved male drivers; almost half had been drinking.
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