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Teen Car Accidents - #1 Cause of Death

"Teen Car Accidents Has Lead To New Legislation"

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Teen car drivers are four times more likely to lose their lives in car accidents than older and more experienced drivers.  Young drivers are involved with a large number of the car related fatalities, though not as many as people who are driving drunk of all ages. 

Legislation is the government's response to prevent accidents as our nation's roads increasingly become filled with more drivers, more teen drivers as well as older drivers. 

Carefully designed regulations are geared toward preventing the most commonly occurring car accidents, such as teen car accidents. The regulation to keep teen drivers from driving with passengers right away is effective because the most common cause of accident is driver distraction due to another person in the car.

Teen car accidents are the number one cause of loss of life for teenagers between the ages of 15 and 20. This unfortunate number is a big reason why a lot of states have started restricting the driving of teenagers to make sure teen drivers remain safe. In many states, new drivers may not drive at night or non-family companions in the car until the teen drivers have had their licenses for a while.

Unfortunately, even though this regulation is not as effective in preventing teenager car accidents as it could be. The reason is that a lot of parents do not follow the law as closely as they could, and allow their teenagers to drive with passengers right away.

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The other major cause of all accidents and especially teen car accidents is drunk driving. Many laws have been strengthened recently to reduce teenage drunk driving, especially laws against underage drinking. It’s estimated that 25% of all car accidents involving teens are caused by drunk driving – and this is in a demographic that is not yet allowed to drink legally. As a result, in most states underage drinking and teenage drunk driving are more heavily punished, and many different policies are in place to reduce the incidences of both.

The other major cause of teen car accidents is just as obvious as having other people in the car and teenage drunk driving. This cause is driving at night. Even though only 20% of all teen driving is at night, 50% of all fatalities happen at night. Therefore, teen drivers who drive at night are in more danger, and many of the laws that target their car accidents are also geared toward keeping teenagers from driving at night.

Government can't legislate morality and responsibility no matter how many laws are ever written.   However, state laws give more public awareness of the most common causes of car accidents for teen drivers. 

Regulations may help to lower the number of teen car accidents and teen drivers who die on the road every year, but the most effective effort starts at home.  

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