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by Anonymous
(Hamden, CT USA)

the Accident's picture

the Accident's picture

one day I parked my car front of starbucks coffee shop. I parked my care properly and went to start my day with a cup of coffee. suddenly, I heard a lady yelling who owns the Silver Lexus. then, I said I own it, she said, your car was hit. I asked her who hit the car. she told me her 18 years old daughter.

they offered to me to fix the car without calling the police but I prefered to call the police. the police came and gave me a case number. then, after 10 days, the lady's insurance company called me asking for an estimate.

now, I got the estimate but how about my car's price that will go down after this accident ? I bought the car in a high price because it hasnt ever panted or had any accident. however, if a car has small or large accident, its price must go down by at least %20 or even more.

my question is what can be done to make the insurance company pay for not only the physical loss, but also psychological and finacial impacts that I will surely have later from this accident. in Addition to this, this incident occupied my time to go to three auto repairs and distracted me in another issues.

I'm planning to hire attorny if you see that I have rights that I dont know about. Thanking you in advance for your advice.

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