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Structured Settlement and Car Accident Settlements Claims

Get all your money now in one lump sum payment!

Comparing a few settlement companies and their structured arrangements can save you thousands when receiving your claim payment.    Do you want your money now?  Then settlements structured for your particular situation are the easiest and quickest way to obtain a single lump sum payment.

What Is A Structured Settlement? 
Accident settlements, especially those involving car accident injuries, usually involve money paid directly to the victim.  The settlement may not close months or possibly years.  In anticipation you can receive advance payment, often an immediate cash disbursement, depending on the specific terms of your case.

Who Qualifies for a Structured Settlement? 
Most people have heard of large lottery winners qualifying for a settlement structured to pay out lottery winnings in a single lump sum instead of through multiple year payouts.

  • Insurance Claims
  • Lottery Winnings
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Malpractice & Medical Claims
  • Accident Claims
  • Estate Settlements and 

many other lawsuit settlements qualify for a structured settlement financial evaluation. 

Why Sell Your Structured Settlement? 
Many people expecting large claims settlements can't wait the many years for total payout often negotiated.  A lump sum, one single large payment, is provided by a settlement company structuring an exchange for the yearly claims payments.

If you can and desire to wait the entire payout time, then structuring your settlement won't be of benefit for you.

Otherwise, read what these companies offer as options to create a simple structured settlement for you:

A structured settlement protects you from wasting the money National Structured Settlements Trade Association

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