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Story Changed Once Cops Appeared

by Athena
(Akron, OH)

I was getting a ride with a friend to my University. We were driving under a giant overpass, passing by an existing accident. We stopped at the red light just past the bridge when a woman slammed us in the rear, nearly pushing our car into the intersection of cars coming off of the freeway.

My friend and I got out of the car shaken and confused, and ironically right next to a hospital, to talk to the driver of the other car. She was upset and very sorry, and kept asking us if we were alright. We were a bit bruised up slightly, but we began to comfort her instead because she was taking it pretty hard that she'd hit us. She said she had gotten distracted by the other accident behind us, and again said she was very sorry, and wanted to pay any damages.

We waited for the Police to arrive, and when they did, this woman immediately stopped crying, and began to paint the story in an entirely different way. She said we had made a sudden stop and she had to slam on her brakes to keep from hitting us. She said that she had only been going about 20 mph, but the cop could tell by the absolute crushing of our car's back end that she was lying.

She ended up having to fess up to the truth, and did eventually pay the damages. But I will never forget that while I could've been killed, I decided to comfort the person who was responsible, only to have her try to shirk responsibility.

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