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Still having nightmares

by Carol J Hoffman
(Lapeer Michigan)

In 2004,I was involved in a head-on collision. I suffered from PSTD badly, and in fact I still do. I was left with a severe concussion, a fractured rib, a "powdered" left elbow, and multiple cuts on my face from my glasses.

The other driver, in a Geo Tracker, however, was much more injured than I, in my larger Monte Carlo. When my car came to a stop, I couldn't believe that I was still alive.

The driver behind me, I believe, thought that I was a drunk driver. In his excitement, and though I begged him not to move me as I had had seven spinal surgeries in the past, he screamed that he didn't care and pulled me across my car and out the passenger side door, plooping me none too gently on the side of the road. He kept screaming at me until help arrived. I was doubly injured, as he was most verbally abusive.

What sounded like every siren in the county, has left me with panic attacks whenever I hear sirens, real or on the TV. My doctor has told me to start counting to keep my nerves under control when I now hear sirens.

I was left with a severe concussion, a "powdered" left elbow (requiring extensive specialised surgery), a fractured rib, and cuts on my face from my glasses.

I began having horrible nightmares and each morning, I woke up screaming. I got into therapy with a Ph.D therapist and am still seeing her. She has taught me methods to deal with the PSTD. Without her, I doubt that I could have coped at all. On two occasions, I was suicidal.

PSTD requires frequent therapy, and in some cases, medication. My nightmares are less frequent, and I rarely now wake up screaming. Thank you for granting me an opportunity to share what has helped me in dealing with this life-altering condition.

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