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The unsolicited email people react to most is what yells for money through our base needs involving sex, greed and survival.

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Drivers are less likely to use restraints when they have been drinking. In 2002, 69 percent of young drivers involved in fatal car crashes who had been drinking were unrestrained.

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Selfish SPAMMER messages are more clear to understand than all the subtle appearances of simple unsolicited email like misdirected messages with incorrect email addresses.

The top 10 abusers generate most of the unsolicited email worldwide. The top in this group are located in the US, but often send from outside the country.

Imagine offices scattered around the world with more than 10,000 servers all sending out the same junk message amounting to millions of emails sent per hour.

Do you know anyone who has purchased male member enlargement pills? It's one of the major messages junk emailers are sending now. Like most messages that deliver useless products, this too will pass.

I don't know if any man would risk admitting to that purchase, but all those pills are proven failures and yet they still sell.

To some men the extra money it costs is a response to desperate hope. Email and the post office is less embarrassing and sometimes worth risk that nobody will ever know about. It's comforting to have useless options instead of hopeless visions.

If a top junk emailer sends out 5 BILLION messages and gets just .001% in sales, there will be 5 million sales.

Any one of the world's top 3 junk emailers can do that in just over 3 months and they are highly motivated to continue their business without concern as to what the excessive traffic is doing to the internet. Selfishness dictates that the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many.

Many daily spam messages are filtered into junk files without being read. AOL now blocks more than 1 BILLION unsolicited junk messages each day.

Getting out the message, 'Do Not Buy From SPAMMERS,' to the relatively small customer base would be as easy as a SPAM message getting through AOL.

When the world is your audience, the rules change.

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