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some people just want money

by lee

Last year i was involed in an car accident.The car i was driving was not mine in fact i paid someone to lend me their vehicle.For some money.I was sent an letter five month later.Saying i owe money for these damages and the owner of the vehicle had no car insurance.I find this hard to believe first,i was told that the car was reported.Stolen i asked how could this be if i had called the police.No one has told me any such story.The lawyers office told me this,And said iam responsible for these damages so i told them their were no damages on this car and they stated they had an expert look at the car and that they can up with amount owe'd.Without any pictures of damages at the time of accident who's to say that this person did not place any damages on her car.Infact i believe.That since they know i do not have any contact info on ,this owner of the car i was driving.They needed to place it on someone and that would be me,But i stayed on the scene an waited for the police to arrived.

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Sep 28, 2010
car accident claim
by: Anonymous

car accident claim
such people just want money... it should be checked...

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