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Seatbelts Save Lives

by Nancy

Driving my van to work on a rural road one January morning, I came up behind a snowplow. Since we had quite an accumulation of snow already, the driver was trying to trim off some of the snow on the side of the road. This resulted in near white out conditions if you were too close to him. Easing off the gas, I gave him plenty of room.

I was watching the snowplow in front of me, unaware that a full-sized pickup truck came over the hill behind me. Due to the slick road the truck could not get stopped.

The next thing I knew there was a huge BANG and all I saw was white everywhere. The driver's seat had broken as my van was slammed up off the road into the deep snowbank.

The back window popped out. The rear seat was shoved up against the middle seats which were pushed up to the front seats.

I retrieved my bent glasses and said a prayer for the fact that I was wearing my seatbelt. If it hadn't been buckled, I would have gone through the windshield of the van.

My vehicle was totaled, but thanks to the seatbelt and guardian angels, I survived with only bumps, bruises and sore muscles. Our family has always had the rule that the vehicle doesn't move until everyone is buckled. I know from personal experience that seatbelts do save lives!

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Feb 22, 2008
by: Brian

First, I wanted to say how lucky you were. My Uncle was severely injured in a car wreck where a garbage truck hit from head on, and he was thrown through the windshield. He lived to tell the story, but will never walk again. If he had only worn a seatbelt, he probably would have been fine. I know my parents have told me that seatbelts are a must, and it's just habit when I get in the car now. The way I look at it...I would rather have a cracked rib or bruised waist and stomach than be thrown through a windshield and probably killed.

Feb 21, 2008
seatbelts and dying
by: gpulver

There have been days in the history of the United States when NOONE died that was wearing a seatbelt - but there has never been a day where noone died that was not wearing a seatbelt.

Feb 08, 2008
Seat belts are saviours
by: TOLA

What an experience that would forever linger on in one's mind, but thank God for the seat belts. This has really made me to see the more the importance of seat belts. I would also make it a rule in my family that "the vehicle does not move until everyone is buckled"

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