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Fast Stats
Traffic crashes are the primary cause of paraplegia, a major cause of epilepsy, and the number one killer of Americans under age 34.
CAA Fast Stats

The NHTSA estimates that had all vehicle occupants over the age of 4 been wearing seat belts

7153 more people would be alive.
Those are brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and friends.

Seat Belts Save Lives

Does it really sound that simple?
Wear safety seat belts to significantly increase the chance of surviving car accidents.

Seat Belts Save Lives

That's simple, but it's the message announced in various advertising campaigns over many different advertising methods during many, many years. All produced at an astronomical financial cost!

People are creatures of reminded habits who participate when threatened with economic loss.

Here's the message again:

Seat Belts Save Lives
Wear Your Seat Belts

That message has been heard, followed and saved lives, but it has been ignored to the deaths of many others.

The Click It…Or Ticket safety seat belts campaign primarily advertised an aggressive ticketing effort by local police departments.

The campaign doesn’t include shocking video footage showing ejected car accident victims. There aren’t many hard-hitting statistics such as:

  • In 2002, 73 percent of passenger car occupants who were totally ejected from the vehicle were killed. -NHTSA

  • The primary cause of death for people aged 4 to 34 is car accidents. -National Center for Health Statistics
  • In 2000 total economic cost of motor vehicle accidents in the US is equal to 2.3% of Gross Domestic Product or almost $820 per US resident. -NHTSA

  • We all pay.
    Yet the “shock & awe” techniques have been used over and over in previous education campaigns. The choice to wear safety seat belts without threat of economic loss is a luxury.

    The chances of receiving major injuries during a serious impact without a safety seat belt increase twenty-five times.

    There must be other reasons why a person would gamble life and money over the use of a seat belt.

    Surveys identify almost one hundred reasons why people choose not to wear seat belts. I'll examine the most popular reasons people give for not wearing a seat belt in the next issue.

    Until then...

    Seat Belts Save Lives
    Wear Your Seat Belts

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