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Rollover on my family's farm

My mom, 1 year old brother, and I were driving to my family's farm in eastern Colorado. My grandpa and older brother were already at the farm waiting for us. We had called them and told them we were about 5 minutes away, so they decided to drive up to the last hill and wait for us (which thank heaven they did). It was about 9 o'clock at night when we were driving down the road, I was the driver. We came down a hill and the road veered sharply to the left, but the way the headlights hit the road it made it look like the road had completely disappeared. We went into the right side of the road in the ditch and so I over corrected which is when we hit loose gravel and started to fishtail. We fishtailed into the left side of the road in the ditch and the momentum caused us to roll one and a half times. We landed upside down, so the roof was on the ground. We were hanging upside down and I had to unbuckle myself and fall to get out of the car. I quickly crawled out the window and got my 1 year old brother back and then made sure my mom got out too. Every single window was broken EXCEPT for the window next to my 1 year old brother, that was the only window still intact. Because of that he had no scraps, cuts, or even dirt on him. It was truly a miracle of God that his window did not break and I know God was there with us that night because we walked away with only a few scraps and bruises. Because my grandpa and older brother were waiting for us, they were able to get to us right away and call 911. For a month after the accident, I kept having the same dream of the car rolling over, and the whole accident in general. Then a couple months after that I started to have dreams where other people I did not know were rolling their cars and were bloody or dead. Then a couple months after that I had similar dreams again. I have really bad anxiety now when driving, especially when stopping behind a car which I do not know why. It is really hard for me because no one knows what I am going through and I have no one to share my experience with. Just remember to always wear your seat belt because if we had not, we probably would have died.

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