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PTSD and Car Accidents

"Post Traumatic Stress Disorders - PTSD "

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Many car accidents result in post traumatic stress disorders, and the victims of the car accident are the ones who have to live with the unfortunate effects of such a trauma. Also abbreviated as PTSD this condition is usually associated with soldiers returning from war, but it can actually stem from any traumatic experience. 

Car accidents and other traumatic experiences can result in trauma symptoms in any person, even those people who are very healthy in general. The reason for this is that car accidents are major events that often result in loss of life and or limb.

Post traumatic stress disorders 
happen to many people who live survive traumatic experiences. Car accident victims that include the driver, passengers in all vehicles and even bystanders may experience trauma symptoms weeks, months, or even years after the case. It is a good idea to seek professional help or counseling in the matter.

In many large cities there exists car accident support groups with grief and trauma assistance.

Understanding the invisible anxiety associated after a car accident can help prevent you, your friends and family members much unnecessary difficulties.

PSTD and Car Accident Driving Anxiety

"I survived a four vehicle car accident where I felt I pushed my foot on the brake with all my life, but the car just wouldn't stop moving.   For almost 2 years after this accident, I couldn't easily ride in any vehicle without feeling anxiety each time the driver was to come to a stop.  Every driver seemed to brake much too late.   I recognized the problem and tried to not say anything, but at times I was unconsciously pressing my foot into the car mat so hard that the driver asked me if I was OK."

Cars are such a large part of our daily lives that post traumatic stress disorders( PSTD ) as a result of a car accident can be painful as well as damaging to your ability to live your life to the fullest. 

People experiencing trauma symptoms of PTSD often feel as if they’re experiencing the accident repeatedly. Other symptoms include a constant sense of anxiety or avoiding anything involving the accident. 

After major car accidents, if you or a loved one is experiencing these symptoms, you shouldn’t have to live with it. Check with your doctor and investigate support groups that will help you learn that this is a common issue worth managing now.

"I had a difficult time sleeping for almost two weeks after my car accident.  Although my chest hurt almost constantly from the air bag explosion, I was tossing and turning from the anxiety I didn't even recognize during the first few days.   I started taking over-the-counter sleeping medications.  WARNING!  That's how addictions begin.   Talk with your doctor if you have similar issues before medicating yourself."


PSTD is often fought as unrealistic by the opposing side, because once proven, this area can significantly increase an auto accident settlement.  If you suffer these experiences, definitely document this immediately with your doctor.

One of the leading expert negotiators on auto accident settlement also provides a more detailed settlement formula called the BASE formula by Dan Baldyga.  Dan's formula helps you put a monetary value to "pain and suffering."   For more information about the BASE Formula and Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim for your accident car compensation look here.

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