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Positive Experience

by Lori

I was involved in a car accident where a man ran a stop sign and hit me. I was passing through a 4 way intersection one morning and a man to my left ran a stop sign. He hit me in the rear half of my car on the left side which propelled me off the road and into a telephone pole.

My car was totalled. I had minor facial injuries from hitting my face on the steering wheel & on the window.

There were several witnesses on the road at the time. The police were on scene immediately and gathered all the information on the accident, as I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

I went to the police station to get an accident report. I then took that report to a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer took photos of my facial injuries, copies of hospital forms I brought with me, the police forms and also went to the junk yard & took photos of my car.

About 3 weeks later the lawyer called to offer me a settlement from the other man's insurance company for $7500 plus the loss of my car. I settled. Once the lawyer took his fees, I received a check for $5000, plus the money for my car.

Looking back, I think I would have waited it out and tried to settle for more. I still have 2 small scars on my eyebrow from the accident, which was about 3 years ago.

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