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Pleasant Settlement Experience

by Erica N

My husband and I were traveling along the street in the east direction. We had a red light at the intersection so we of course stopped. When the light turned green, we proceded to go ahead and move but a gray truck smacked into the driver's side of our car.

Both vehicles had insurance, but the other guy had obviously run a red light and neither of us was hurt really bad. A trip to the emergency room confirmed mostly bumps and bruises but no real major damage to us. The car door had sustained the damage, and the estimate for repairs wasn't too bad either; only a few hundred dollars.

We called his insurance and were asked to please come on in. They actually were very helpful to us. I suppose it was because the other guy was obviously at fault that we didn't get a runaround.

The insurance agent offered us a check for around 5,500 dollars. We went ahead and took the settlement. We could have dragged them to court for more money but honestly the amount offered was enough to cover the car damage and any time we would have spent out of work.

I guess you could say that we had a pleasant settlement experience with this particular accident and insurance agency. Not all of them are greedy as I had been taught.

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