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More rebuilt damaged vehicles are expected on the market than anytime in history. Hurricane flood damaged and fire rebuilts are showing up as cars with no damage. Don't buy a car without a AutoCheck vehicle history report. Know what you're about to purchase before talking with the salesman.

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Out-Smart the Insurance Adjuster

When I was in this accident, the adjuster tried to cheat me out of the true value amount of my car. She valued my car at $1500 less than its value. Little did she know that I have been in finance long time and I know the system just as much as the insurance company does.

So I want to say to everyone: know the value of your automobile and don't be cheated, always get a second opinion and understand the laws. Let them know who's in control.

The insurance company will always pick the cheapest offer to save them a lot of money. Know your stuff and people will not cheat you.

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Oct 09, 2015
Insurance NEW
by: Chad Maldonado

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Feb 21, 2008
Do your research
by: Kristi

When dealing with a total loss it's important that the consumer does their research. The offer will be based on what they call "Fair Market Value". Fair Market Value is what your vehicle would sell for in your area. It pays to research newspapers, internet etc. That way if you feel the insurance companies offer is too low you can counter off.

Feb 21, 2008
Good For You!
by: Anonymous

It is important to know the what you are doing when dealing with professionals in a given industry. Consumers have the right to protect themselves from fraud or mischief, as well as knowing what their policies are about when they buy them.

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