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No Bad Attorney Jokes Ever Again From Me!

by A Grateful Brother

OK. We've all laughed at them, we've all told one or two at least. But, as for me, I'm never going to tell another joke that begins with anything like, "There were 3 people waiting at the Pearly Gates, a lawyer, a ....."

My brother, who collects Harleys was enjoying riding his newest one. He was going to a friend's lake house, on a single lane road, in the rural area. Coming head on was a car in his lane. After a split second when he could see he had to get over into the other lane to avoid getting hit, the driver must have seen him and also swerved back to the same lane, the lane he should have been in to begin with. The only thing my brother could do was steer off the road at that point.

He was helicoptered to the hospital..4 months in intensive care, lost a leg, use of one arm, temporary brain damage, multiple minor/major surgeries and broken bones-too many to list or rehearse again in my mind.

The accident was a hit and run. Our attorney actually helped prove there was another car, sited numerous accidents in the past in that general area. My brother was well compensated and we believe justice was served.

Also, as a side note...the US government does not consider him disabled in any way and has denied him even partial compensation..don't know what we would have done.

I learned that attorneys don't have to have a clear cut situation ...like this, he truly was more of a detective in the beginning and researched and put in the time and expense to put the case together. win/win alright!

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