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Newspaper Stories Of Car Accidents

Newspaper stories of car accidents are often heartbreaking


Newspaper stories of car accidents are fairly commonplace. In fact, we see them so often we sometimes don’t pay attention to their very important warnings. There are two basic types of car accident newspaper stories.

The first type describes the details of a specific accident. Often the person involved is—or was—a celebrity. Many of these types of newspaper stories were published after the death of Princess Diana in a Paris tunnel or the death of the singer Lisa Lopes in Honduras.

Although many people consider these stories over-dramatized or even morbid, they can be useful in that they often detail unsafe behaviors that led to the accident. Princess Diana, for instance, was being chauffeured by an intoxicated driver and was not wearing a seatbelt; Lisa Lopes was attempting to pass another vehicle without ensuring that there was no oncoming traffic.

These published stories of car accidents may serve as reminders to be more careful in our own driving choices. Reading between the lines of sensationalism, the reader can find nuggets of truth that could help save their own life.

The second type of car accident newspaper stories focuses on a specific risk or a flaw in a product. They may open with a story about a (usually non-celebrity) accident to catch the reader’s attention, but the main thrust of the article is to inform and warn readers of common dangers.

Examples of this type of article include the many warnings about SUVs and their tendency to roll over. They also tell about the special challenges facing teen drivers or elderly drivers. These types of articles may not attract as many readers as the articles about specific celebrity accidents, but they are usually “meatier” articles in terms of useful advice or warnings.

Newspaper stories of car accidents can be distressing to read, and some of them are over-sensationalized, but most provide at least a few useful tips about staying safe on the road. For this reason, they’re probably well worth at least one look.

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