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Names of Car Insurance Companies


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Names of Car Insurance Companies

The basic information about car insurance

Knowing the names of car insurance companies is not something that most of us think we need to know. After all, there are so many insurance providers that we couldn't possibly know all of them. In fact, if you were asked to name five car insurance providers most of us could rattle off: Geico, Progressive and Nationwide, just because of their television commercials.

Our personal list of names of car insurance companies would probably include our own insurance company, or those companies that don't just specialize in vehicle insurance. Again, those might be big advertisers, such as: State Farm Insurance, Allstate Insurance and Esurance.

What about those insurance providers that don't advertise prominently on television? Well, here's a list of 35 insurance companies that provide motor vehicle coverage:

    Accident Fund
    Allstate Insurance Company
    American Family
    American National Property & Casualty Company
    Amerisure Companies
    Automobile Club Group
    Electic Insurance Company - average savings of $300 on car insurance! Click Here!
    Farm Bureau Insurance
    Farmers Mutual Insurance Company
    Federated Mutual Group
    The Hartford Fire Group
    Hastings Mutual Insurance Company
    IDS Property Casualty Insurance Company
    Liberty Mutual
    Maine Employers Mutual Insurance Company
    Mercury Casualty Group
    Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company
    Nationwide Mutual Insurance
    North Star Mutual Insurance Company
    Old Republic Insurance Group
    Progressive Casualty Insurance Company
    Protective Insurance Group
    Selective Insurance Company of America
    Travelers Insurance
    United Fire & Casualty Group
    USAA Group
    Western National Mutual Insurance Group
    Western World Group
    Zurich Insurance Company

The one name you don't see on this list of names of car insurance companies is DriveTime. That's because while DriveTime helps those with less than perfect credit to be able to purchase a motor vehicle, it is not an insurance company. They do however require that anyone who purchases a vehicle through them purchase comprehensive auto insurance through DriveTime's own provider. Remember though, that is only comprehensive coverage and NOT liability.

So if you are ever the victim in a car accident with someone who presents a "policy" provided by DriveTime as proof of insurance, beware. That policy is NOT a liability policy and you will not be able to file a claim to recover any damages caused by the negligence of the other driver. Instead you may find yourself in small claims court trying to recover your losses if the other driver doesn't also have liability coverage thru another insurance provider.

So know the names of car insurance companies.just in case.

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