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My First Accident

by Robyn

My sister had just turned 16 and gotten her drivers license, I was 13, and we decided to go shopping and at the time lived in quite a large city. It was a weekday afternoon, the weather was slightly cold, but the roads were not icy.

We were waiting to turn left into the same direction traffic on a side road going into a major three lane road. The lane closest to us was under construction at the time(first lane). As my sister turned left into the second lave, I noticed the car in the third lane starting to drift into our lane.

The car hit ours and we rolled one and a half times into the construction zone. The car that hit us kept going. After we stopped rolling we had landed on the drivers side down. The construction workers ran to get us out of the car.

I remember at first thinking my sister was dead and yelling for help. The construction workers later told me I looked like a scared rabbit popping my head out of the window. Neither of us were wearing seat belts, so we were extremely lucky to both be alive.

The top of my right index finger was severed and had to be reattached along with cuts and bruises. To this day I do not have any feeling in that finger. My sister was very lucky, she only had minor scrapes and bruises.

The car that hit us never came back, so we will never know if there was any kind of alcohol or drug use by the other driver.

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Feb 22, 2008
Take a lesson
by: Anonymous

This story is a lesson for those who don't follow traffic rules like wearing seat belts while driving. It also shows that how inhumane we've become these days that after hitting somebody we don't bother to even see them whether they are live or dead.

Feb 22, 2008
Take care
by: Tamanna

Hey good to know that you were not injured severly inspite of not wearing seat belts..and next time take care while driving and also advice other youngsters the same so that they don't risk their lives. Your story will help them to understand the importance of driving safely.

Feb 07, 2008
3 in 5
by: Anonymous

I had managed to go years without ever having been in an accident. I say "had" because I recently was in 3 accidents in 5 days. Luckily, no one was injured in any of the three and none of them were my fault

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