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Ms. Julie Church

by Julie Drake Church
(Charlotte, NC 28215)

Hired an attorney but fired him they were not doing there job, They wanted me to settle for $3000.00 I thought that wasn't good so I thought i could do better than that. I was in an accident about one year ago and one a year later it totaled my car he was totally at fault also he was in a company truck and license had been revoked, he wasn't supposed to be driving the truck at all. The man that owned the business filed the claim under his name and insurance, my mother was in the car and was hurt badly and I also was hurt badly and was sent by ambulance to the hospital i thought I was paralyzed, went to a lot of doctor they insurance company Nationwide stating my condition was from the other accident and the medications I was on is what I was taking from the first accident which some of this was true about the medications but I was fixing to come off all the medicines until this accident happened and my condition worsened. I was sitting steal at an intersection this car came out of Kmart parking lot and decided to make a u turn in the middle of a one way road and hit the gas and came through my side of the car.

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