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AutoCheck accident and warranty histories don't exist for motorcycles like AutoCheck vehicle history reports, because AutoCheck does not provide this information for anything other than cars and small trucks.

That doesn't mean you can't check the history of your motorcycle. AutoCheck provides some excellent ideas and tools that you can use to emulate the same service for your needs.

If you have a motorcycle, AutoCheck suggests some techniques that you can use to help make a proper purchasing decision in it's help section.

Look at the helpful suggestions below and then select the FREE link to the left.

Although this help section does not address the motorcycle, AutoCheck links to various "buying used vehicles" how-to guides. None of these guides are directed to the consumer of a motorcycle. AutoCheck provides car and truck information. However, you can still benefit by knowing the basics:

  • 1. You can adapt the information in this guide toward the purchase of a motorcycle: AutoCheck Used Car Buying Guide
  • 2. You can learn what to look for in this guide and try it with a motorcycle: AutoCheck Safety and Reliability Reports
  • 3. You can study this guide and apply what you've learned before purchasing a motorcycle: Guide To Certified Pre-Owned
  • 4. You can adopt the procedures in this checklist toward the purchase of a motorcycle: AutoCheck Used Car Buying Checklist
  • 5. You can learn what to look for in this guide when you're considering the purchase of a motorcycle: Odometer Fraud
  • 6. Floods and water can certainly damage a motorcycle: Flood/Water Damaged Vehicles

Although you won't have the convenience of entering a VIN number into a website and having instant access to billions of motorcycle histories, you can make an attempt to gather this information on your own.

It may take a while, but you can start at the Department of Motor Vehicles in the state that the motorcycle was last registered in. You could also read the above guides. In addition, you could bring along a motorcycle expert to inspect the bike for you, or take it to a professional mechanic for a thorough and documented inspection.

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