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Motorbike vs 5 Ton Truck

by Lynette

Last year in June, my BMW motor vehicle broke-down with a gear box problem. My husband and I had already spent alot of money on repairs, so we decided to purchase a 100cc motorbike which would be more fuel efficient and quicker through traffic.

We purchased our helmets and dressed up warm. This was my first journey home on the motor bike. Holding on to my husband, we headed for home.

The motorists were a bit scary as, in Africa, they have awful road manners and very much a "me first attitude". All of a sudden I heard my husband shout "where do you want me to go?!" A large truck had just pulled in front of us and there was no way we were going to miss it.

I remember hitting the truck ... there was no pain really as I kept my eyes shut. Then there was a period where I seemed to drift before hitting the ground with a huge thump. It seemed like the ground would completely swallow me.

I heard my husband crying and I told myself to remain calm. I tried to move my right leg but even though my mind willed it, nothing happened.

My husband broke his tibia and fibia. For me, it was a broken right ankle, right broken forearm and the ball of my hip had been snapped off completely. I guess we were lucky.

I am presently awaiting a hip replacement. For my husband, he caught MRSA from an unhygienic hospital and is still battling to clear the infection 8 months later.

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