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Mothers day i will never forget.

It all started after we were done looking at my friends new to him, 95 turboed integra. I believe thats what it was. We were getting ready to leave when the passenger who came with the guy who owned the integra hopped in the seat i was in, in the other car. So i had no choice but to ride with him. I rode with him before so it wasn't a big deal. We start pulling away my friends following us, we are sort of racing down a backroad going like 60 in a 35 maybe faster i dont remember. We were coming up to a bend and we started sliding and he tried to start braking but his brakes locked up when he just stomped on it. We skidded about 50 feet which felt like forever. And smacked head on into a 2012 nissan maxima. Right before impact i just remember hearing "fu*k!!!!!!!!!!!!" then i braced myself by grabbing the dash board. I wasnt in much pain after the accident for about 10 minutes until the paramedics got there and asked what happen, can you move, then they said what hurts.. They said to try to move my legs and i moved my right one but i couldnt feel my left one. And i was covered in blood from me hitting the windshield because i didnt have a seatbelt on. ( i now wear one and MAKE all my friends do the same.) i talked to the paramedics for a while and then i found my phon it was beside my seat it must of fell out of my pocket. I call my mom to tell her what happened and she said she will be there as soon as she can. I was 16 at the time. It felt like i was in that car for hours waiting to get out. They brought out the jaws of life cut mine and my friends door off and then we had to get out of the car. We were takin out of the car in order of severity ( dont know if thats a word) but my friend was first, then me, then the people in the other car. Watching as they grabbed and yanked my friend out of the car made me almost scream myself but i knew i had no other choice. I was almost out of the car i was just picking up and moving my leg over as far as i could stand to move it. Then i got grabbe by like 3 grown men put on a stretcher i had to get pillows under my left knee because my hip was dislocated an i couldnt straighten it out. I got put in the ambulence and now this is the worst part of it all. The ride to the hospital was BUMPY as ever and i was screaming the whole way there i nearly passed out from the pain multiple times i remember almost falling asleep. I was taken into the ER and im gonna stop there. But i was there for 8 days and to this day almost 6 months after i still have difficulty walking. It was a eye opener for me, and all of my friends that this could happen to anyone. I hope some people will read my story and be safer drivers and wear there seat belt. Thank you for your time.


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