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Mom and Scott

My friend and I were only ten years old and my mother was 28 years old when we had a crash. My mom often horse played with my friend while he was in the car. His name was Scott. Mom was dressed up very nice one rainy night while she was driving Scott back home. Mom was wearing a black long sleeve mini skirt, black high heel pumps, black leather gloves and tan pantyhose. Scott and I were wearing just swimming trunks. Me and scott were in the front seat and Scott was sitting next to mom. The car was a luxury car from 1993 and there were no bucket seats. Scott's legs were next to mom's. Mom had twisted her left ankle while walking to the car earlier. Mom had the seat back so far that she was barely reaching the pedals with her foot. It was a long drive and mom was complaining how her feet hurt. Scott decided to horseplay while mom was driving and mom told him to stop. Scott didn't listen and thought she was kidding. Scott pushed her foot into the gas pedal over and over until he hurt her right ankle. She begged him to stop and struggled to control the car. She was unable to move her legs or feet then because if the pain in both her ankles and Scott mashed her foot all the way down into the pedal. She said that she couldn't reach the brake. She swirved all over the road and Scott realized what be done and stopped, but it was too late and we drove off the road into the ditch.

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