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miss swadling

my car was involved in a car accident bk in june 2010, a woman pulled out of a junction into the side of my car and totaly smashed the side right up, myself and my lil girl who was a yr old at the time was in the back of the car and my partner was driving. this has caused alot of stress and bought anxiety into my life, i find it very hard to travel as passenger in a vehicle now with out getting uptight and very stressed out in myself.its massive its gonna keep happening :( i find it makes me breathless where i get that uptight over it. i don't like to be around other cars im soo nervous. im ok driving myself but i panic. i have never experienced this before in my life. i have seen the doctor about it and have been referred to therapy. i cant help b ut think about what happened it just springs into my mind,
i get told this is a very strange reaction to have, which makes me uptight as i have always been fine traveling in any car with any1 with out these issues in my life.

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Mar 04, 2011
its your right
by: sharon

it is totally and completely understandable that you panic and have certain new or different reactionsto driving or traffic. my 15mos old was with me when my car accident happened and he suffers brain injury which has made him mentally and intellectually limited. i now have an 11mos old and i am very ready to snap if a moron bad driver does something that could have been avoided or not happened. we can only do so much to prevent and watch. it will take time and practice and therapy will help alot if you find a good one. i hope you believe and imean truly believe that it is your right to feel whatever you feel and no one has the right to say its not okay because you are you and you went through this NOT THEM. best of luck and comfort and patience.

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