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How we increased our traffic more than 48x without even trying

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Internet websites die because of lack of traffic.  Link popularity is the key.

Increasingly, the way to get Search Engines to feed you thousands of high valued, high quality, targeted visitors day after day is by getting links into your site.

You need links. Not just any links, but high-quality, relevant ones. Why?
But not just any old link will do.... the more relevant and the higher in value, the better for your site.

That's why the best value exchange is where your eye is always on quality, value and value-for-value link popularity exchanges only.

Quality first!

Connecting with high-value, relevant sites increases traffic in two ways...

1) you receive traffic

2) you increase your site's rankings at the search engines.

But careful, hand-picked exchanging, while effective (if you find and exchange with quality, related sites), has always been much too-o-o-o-o-o tedious to be worthwhile.

Until now...

The SiteSell Value Exchange is the simplest, fastest, most efficient, and (most importantly) most REAL way of exchanging value for value link popularity. It's a true use of the Net, the way that Search Engines want it -- relevant sites linking to relevant sites only.

Key #1
Build a super-high-quality niche themed site. Not only are directories (both the majors, and the niche-focused directories) more likely to accept your submission (again, please make sure you've read about the basics), but "regular" (non-directory) sites are far more likely to link to quality, focused sites -- after all, their choice of links reflects upon them. So...

If you do not have a quality site, one that you yourself would gladly link to, don't bother registering for the SVE. You'll only be removed, in any event.

Site Build It! provides all the tools to do exactly that. It also provides many additional tools (beyond this first one) for easy management, monitoring, and acceleration of your value exchange program, all the while staying real. Click here for more information about SBI!.   

Key #2
Do this one only after you have a quality, theme-based site. Why? Because otherwise, as mentioned above, you're just wasting your time.

The second key is to find and e-mail other sites who have already indicated that they would be interested in exchanging with you. This pre-acceptance is what the SiteSell Value Exchange is all about...

No need to chase hundreds of sites who do not want to exchange with you. Every site you find here has already registered as a match with yours to automatically increase link popularity. No need to beg. No one will complain that you were spamming them when you send a letter requesting a link. And you will only receive letters from good, relevant sites. In other words, Value Exchange opportunities will welcome your inquiries. Link popularity. They will even come to you!

One more important tip...

Think like a Search Engine -- they want real behavior. Most Search Engines will prefer your value-exchanging program if you link out from appropriate, topical pages on your site, to topical pages on other sites that have similar content. But if you provide someone with a link from your "overcrowded links page" to her "overcrowded links page," you both receive less credit (perhaps even a penalty).


Because... as artificial collections of links become more and more popular, engines write algorithms to weed them out. They look more and more for bona fide links, not a bunch of links that exist just for the purpose of artificially boosting your ranking at the engines due to links.  Artificial Link popularity hurts your pages.

In other words, get into the spirit of the Search Engines. They have sophisticated technology to identify the real reason for providing links... because you wanted to do it, since the site you are linking to is simply so good that it provides more value for your visitors. Provide truly useful info, useful links for your visitors. The engines will reward you for it.

Final note: When you arrange a Value Exchange, play fair. Don't ask for a prominent link from a home page, when you offer an obscure, buried link in the middle of a 100-link "links page."  Successful link popularity is real Value Exchange.

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