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Like a Slow Motion Horror Movie

by Anonymous

Years ago, my husband and I were out at the local nursery picking out a few plants for our first home and first yard-working-together experience and were still blissfully ignorant of "everything". We were riding home talking and enjoying the beautiful spring day when a car crashed just ahead us, running off the road and hitting a pole.

It happened so fast! I can't even remember the details except when I got out of my car, walked over, the passenger was screaming, but not seriously hurt. I walked up to the driver, a young teenage beautiful boy with thick dark hair and perfect complexion.

The utility pole he hit had come out of the ground, into the car through the windshield and impaled him, right throw his stomach and out his back. He didn't really know it, but was alive, was in shock as -I remember "water" flowed out all around him and some blood.

All that existed in my world for those next minutes while waiting on the ambulance was to never break eye contact with him, never let him break eye contact with me, and never stop talking to him and having him talk to me. I don't know what we talked about....when he left.

I called the hospital the next day and they said he was critical but would make it! Never saw him again, but always felt incomplete and wonder if he ever wonders who I was or remember me at all, or did I even help at all?

To me, I thought he would die if he understood what had happened to him or he'd freak out and make it worse, or see his friend so upset and make it worse, or just give up and let go and die...I guess because maybe if I were in his shoes, I might if someone wasn't there to help me hang on.

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Feb 22, 2008
A Gaurdian Angel
by: Anonymous

What you did for that young boy was absolutely perfect. Medically, you managed to keep him calm, which would help keep his body from going into shock. Emotionally, you gave him someone to rely on in a delicate state. Thank you for reaching out.

Jan 27, 2008
I Would Want Someone Like You
by: Lynn

If something like that ever happened to me (being the one injured) I would hope that someone like you would come along. Your kindness may indeed be what actually helped him hang on. We should never think that small kindnesses don't matter. On behalf of that guy, "Thanks so much for caring."

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